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By: Rebecca J. R. Gordon

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Full Name: Ribekha J. Graystone
Nickname: Ri
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 34-24-37
Birthplace: Aspen, Texas
Siblings/Parents/Background info: One younger brother and two "disgustly-happily married" parents.
Current job: Editor and columnist for a Euro-and-Asian music themed E-zine called "Bleeding Ears"
Likes: Safety pins, her tits, her friends, her column
Dislikes: Bad music, mean people, snobs
Special Features/Body Mods: Multiple piercings across her ears and stomach, an ankh on her upper left thigh
Sexual Preference: Homo-flexible

Full Name: Chimamare Akiguchi
Nickname: Chi-chan
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Measurements: 38-25-36
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Siblings/Parents/Background info: Older brother, mother and father
Current job: She's fully taken care of, as long as she attends classes and works week day afternoons at her brother's book store
Likes: Gore, horror movies, anime
Dislikes: Her parents' severe demands for obedience
Special Features/Body Mods: None. Not quite yet, at least.
Sexual Preference: Well, Ri keeps TRYING to drag her to the other side, but currently she enjoys the masculine persuasion.

Full Name: Kameron P. Black
Nickname: Kei, K
Age: 22 and 3 quarters
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Measurements: "Why ask? They're so much more fun to find out by experience! No, but seriously? My balls are huge."
Birthplace: Ervine, Texas
Siblings/Parents/Background info: Mother, father, and an older brother and sister. Estranged from his family.
Current job: Trust fund. ^.^
Likes: Sex, music, sex, parties, bondage clothes, sex, beautiful people, Ty (<3), yaoi and yuri
Dislikes: Mean people, angry books and getting rejected
Special Features/Body Mods: Myriad piercings on his ears, left nipple pierced and tail jewelry.
Sexual Preference: Anything that moves

Full Name: Tyler B. Anaranjado
Nickname: Ty
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5'6"
Measurements: *BLUSH*
Birthplace: On a military base in Thailand.
Siblings/Parents/Background info: Groovy mom and military Sargeant dad
Current job: Club and party DJ for hire - "Have Turn Tables, Will Travel"
Likes: Meditation, trance-techno, candles, peace, quiet and good friends
Dislikes: Being fucked over, being automatically assumed 'Gay'
Special Features/Body Mods: None we are aware of. However, he will not get naked enough for us to find out. (::cries::)
Sexual Preference: Straight. No, seriously. Straight. Ok?